What do we mean by engagement?

Community engagement is a formal process where anyone who is interested in, or affected by, a Council decision is invited to tell Council what they think about it. These decisions might be simple, like whether to change the name of a park, or really complex, like what goes into a new planning scheme.

Why do I need to register?

Council really appreciates contributions from a broad cross-section of community opinions, ideas, local and expert knowledge. To achieve this, we encourage everyone to contribute and we review our findings to see if there are any areas or groups who might be missing from the mix.

The brief details we collect from registering participants keep us on track to representing the community expectations as closely as possible.

You will also have the opportunity to contribute and participate through our monthly e-newsletter keeping you up-to-date with current consultations, events and forums, as well as hearing about final outcomes and decisions.

How do I get involved in the Council decision making?

'Have Your Say' is the central place for information on where to go, what to do and how you can engage with the Council decision making process.

A range of consultations and projects are listed on the home page of the online Have Your Say for you to contribute your thoughts and ideas to.

When you register with Have Your Say, you will receive a monthly e-newsletter with new project listings, final outcomes, events and meetings to attend; all to keep you up-to-date with further opportunities.

Who can participate in Council engagement?

Anyone can participate in engagement opportunities with Logan City Council. We look for a diverse range of ideas and expertise to contribute to the many different areas of Council who are delivering programs and services to the Logan community.

We ask questions to distinguish between the types of respondents (local knowledge, industry expertise, special interest groups) to ensure we have the depth and variety of information that contributes to a well-rounded conversation regarding particular topics.