City Futures Strategy Principles

over 2 years ago
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Empowering community

Our future city will be created with our community, and for our community. 

We will encourage and increase participation, harness the knowledge and creativity of our community, and design services that are citizen-centric. 

The City of Logan will promote inclusion, accessibility and diversity, working to increase opportunities for everyone.

Open to innovation

The City of Logan welcomes innovation.  We will leverage change and ‘disruption’ to create new opportunities, employment and growth. 

Our city will be a ‘living-lab’, where we pilot new ideas and new technologies, apply innovation, learn from trial and error, and aim for improvement. 

We will encourage local innovation, and embrace the best innovations from around the globe, building a dynamic ecosystem that makes the City of Logan an innovation powerhouse. 


The City of Logan is a city of confidence.  We are proud of our history, and look forward to our future with excitement and optimism.

Our city will be confident in our strengths and our unique identity, and confident as we embark on new paths of opportunity and innovation. 

We will promote our city as an ideal place for investment, entrepreneurship and innovation, and showcase our success with pride. 

Collaboration and partnership

Our future city will be exceptional, founded on the best people, technologies, and ideas; identified, mixed and distilled through collaboration. 

Partnership will be embedded in our city, a symbol and catalyst of innovation. 

We will work with partners, local, national and international; bringing community, industry, academia, government and innovators together to create our future city. 

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Consultation has concluded

  • Dave D over 2 years ago
    Former comment removed - Giving further thought to the five pillars and the themes/domains/flow between them.
  • Jen F over 2 years ago
    In Empowering community - are we really empowering the community if it is then said 'we will increase participation'?. Could it be reframed to be more community orientated such as 'We will support the community to encourage and increase participation'? Use of the word citizen in counter-inclusive as refugees and other immigrants that are an integral part of the Logan community are not necessarily citizens. They are people. Everyone is a person - not everyone is an Australian citizen. Maybe we could embrace instead of promote inclusion. Open to Innovation Perhaps specificy digital disruption rathen than just disruption as not everyone has heard of this (digital) disruption caper and might tend towards protests and other actions that are not our intention.
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    • Jen F over 2 years ago
      I have just read the City Innovation Framework and realise it's not necessarily just digital disruption. Is there another of prefacing it - market disruption or industry disruption?
  • Murray over 2 years ago
    I like the overall intent of these principles - creates a message of openess to new ideas. One that jumps out at me as a bit 'off' is the statement that our city will be "living lab" - is this really what we will do? There might be some hyperbole here. Whilst I'm sure we will be open to new ideas and trialling them (such as in parts of the city), I'm sure we'll take a risk-based approach - we shouldn't oversell what we will do otherwsie we will not appear genuine to the community. Also, we don't want to create undue concern - does everyone want to live in a living lab? As a city, we also need to provide stability and certainty to the community.
  • Admin Commented Cheryl L over 2 years ago
    Perhaps we're over-using the word 'innovation'. I don't think we've effectively articulated how being innovative will help us build the city of the future - for example, I believe we should be striving for liveability, prosperity and sustainability. Being innovative is a way we might achieve those goals, but it's not a goal in itself and it's certainly not the only tool in the box. I think we could more effectively acknowledge the solid foundations our collective heritage provides, and the opportunities presented by our location and natural assets, as well as the potential we can harness through the diversity of our community. If we want the "City of the future" to be more than a bumper sticker, we need to seek changes that make a sustainable positive difference to our future, rather than just change for change's sake. I'd like to see us using words that our community can relate to and understand, and that demonstrate how we genuinely value our unique strengths and identity. Just my opinion.