Priority action 1: Future innovation and prosperity

over 2 years ago
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The City of Logan will be an innovation powerhouse, a place of collaboration, opportunity, new jobs, and economic prosperity. 

We are committed to:

Innovation& Co-Working Hubs

We will work with community, innovators and industry to develop a network of innovation/co-working hubs across the City of Logan. 

Partnerships for Innovation

We will foster research, innovation and collaborative partnerships to drive economic diversity, growth and resilience

Procurement Reform

We will modernise Council’s procurement processes and methods to drive local innovation, deliver outcomes, and make it easier to do business with Council. 

Innovation Skills Development

We will promote programs to build innovation skills and pathways to accelerate innovation activity. 

Logan Living Lab

We will establish the City of Logan as an urban innovation living lab – a place to trial, test, experiment, create, learn and to improve. 

Smart Working

We will work with employers and the community to encourage modern working options (e.g. co-working, remote work, flexible employment). 

Internet of Things, Open Data & Big Data

We will enhance our open data program and leverage the Internet of Things and big data to build a more efficient, innovative and dynamic city.

Innovation Brand

We will promote the innovation credentials of our city as a great place to invest, do business, innovate, collaborate, work and grow.

Unpacking Innovation Program

We will continue the Unpacking Innovation Program to build local excitement, connections, capacity, collaboration and action. 

Logan and Redlands Advancing Regional Innovation Program's (ARIP)

We will work in partnership with QLD State Government, Redlands City Council and Griffith University to coordinate and support the Logan and Redlands Advancing Regional Innovation Program (ARIP). 
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Consultation has concluded

  • Admin Commented Cheryl L over 2 years ago
    Some of the statements above do not outline how the action will help and what difference it will make. For example "Partnerships for innovation" has "to drive economic diversity, growth and resilience", which is good, but many others, e.g. "Innovation Skills Development" don't include any indication of how doing that will help us build the city of the future - if we "accelerate innovation activity", what does that do for us? Building skills for businesses and workforces of the future to help manage and harness change by being connected, flexible, responsive and resilient might be a more practical option that people can understand. I'm also concerned that every local government in the area is doing the same thing - we can't all be innovation powerhouses...... I'd rather see us leverage our unique position to be a regional hub where it's easy to do business, grow and prosper.