Priority action 2: Future connectivity – mobility and communications

over 2 years ago
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The foundation of our future city will be connectivity – to high speed internet, to communications networks (both fixed and wireless), and to real-time information and data. 

Our future city will be mobile and connected, served by transport options that are convenient, affordable, reliable and efficient. 

We are committed to:

Future Communications Connectivity

We will work with government, industry and community to deliver high-quality, high-capacity communication networks for our city – fixed and wireless, narrow and broadband, cellular and emerging technology.

Free Public Wifi

We will expand the free public wi-fi network for the City of Logan, with priority coverage zones to be discussed with the community. 

Smart City Platform

We will work with industry and innovators, leveraging existing infrastructure, such as streetlights, to create a smart city connectivity platform.   

Integrated Transport

We will develop and implement Way2Go - Connecting Logan, a detailed Integrated Local Transport Plan for the City of Logan

Future Transport

We will work with the Queensland Government to progress transport outcomes for the City of Logan, including better public transport, new infrastructure, innovative transport policies and autonomous vehicles. 

Transport Innovation

We will collaborate with industry and innovators to enhance rideshare, car-pool, car-share, and on-demand transport options. 

Transport Efficiency

We will work to reduce transport congestion, through active travel, remote working options (to decrease unnecessary trips), new technology to monitor traffic, and improved real-time information

Smart Parking

We will continue parking improvements, using technology and collaboration with developers to increase convenience, city vibrancy, and efficiency.

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Consultation has concluded

  • Murray over 2 years ago
    Regading the statements around future transport, there are no statements around low emission vehicles - e.g. electric / charging superhighway / solar (I think this is fairly important for the future). Also suggest some stronger statements around mass transport solutions (rail to Yarabilba / bussway to Hyperdome + Meadowbrook, etc./ rapid high capacity rail between Brisbane and the GC). Whilst a nice tech solution, implementation of smart parking is probably not as important as other improvements to transport capacity and efficiency.
  • Admin Commented Cheryl L over 2 years ago
    I think we need to articulate our goals more effectively - e.g. the Integrated Transport Plan ...what are we hoping to achieve? Maybe it's to allow people and resources to move into, out of and about the city easily and affordably. A "plan" by it's very nature is about doing something .... we haven't stated what that something is. I also wonder why we have other transport items separately - surely the concept of 'Integrated' means all of the concepts mentioned in the following 3 items should be part of the first one? Maybe those following 3 are the articulation of the outcomes of the ILTP, and should be listed as such underneath it as "Integrated and Efficient Future Transport". We need to consider, when we define separate items in these lists, how we can effectively report demonstrable progress against each one - it may be far more logical, for example, to report against a single transport action.