Priority action 3: Future Council – future local services

over 2 years ago
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Council will lead this strategy by example, working to modernise our organisation and our services. 

Local services in the City of Logan will be customer-focused and convenient, designed to make the most of technology and deliver value to our community. 

We are committed to:

Innovative Council

We will develop a Council Innovation Framework to enhance innovation culture and capability. 

Digital Council

We will develop a Digital Strategy for Logan City Council to drive efficiency and innovation. 

Smart Working

We will promote smart working by Council staff, and enhance technology for staff to work efficiently in the field, in the office, or remotely. 

Future Regulation, Future Processes

We will review and reform regulation and business processes to reduce ‘red tape’ and improve the customer experience

Smart Decision Making

We will develop our analytics capability and decision-making processes to leverage our data. 

Digital Services

We will expand and enhance our mobile services, improve our digital service channels, and continue to develop the City of Logan app. 

Smart Design

We will modernise our service design processes, allowing greater community participation, and creating people-centric services.  

Future Health and Social Services

We will collaborate and promote innovation to enhance local education, health and social services. 

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Consultation has concluded

  • Murray over 2 years ago
    I think some more detail on how we will improve Council's involvement in delivering outcomes in the education, health and social services sectors. We've covered three very importnant, big and complex sectors with a single line.
  • Admin Commented Cheryl L over 2 years ago
    Do we need two separate items relating to 'digital'? Perhaps the first is internally focussed and the latter external, but they could perhaps be combined? Fewer goals with strong outcomes will make implementation easier.
  • Admin Commented Mjohns over 2 years ago
    Very pleased with this list of focus areas/commitments for future council - future local services. They relate well to some work and investigations the branch has been doing and a few 'proof of concept' projects recently completed. Well done and very exiciting!