Priority action 4: Future community

over 2 years ago
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The City of Logan will build strong, safe, inclusive communities; where everyone is empowered to participate, create and collaborate. 

We are committed to: 

Future Engagement, Future Democracy

We will modernise city governance and community engagement, especially through digital technology, to strengthen participation and innovation

Celebrating Diversity

We will showcase and leverage our creative and cultural diversity, through events, media, art and collaboration. 

Innovation Opportunity

We will work with industry to promote innovation programs and pathways for the community. 

Community Co-Design

We will increase opportunities for collaborative input and co-design of local services

Future Work

We will promote smart working, to increase employment options, reduce unnecessary time away from home and family, and strengthen our local communities. 

Digital Inclusion

We will support the development of digital literacy to increase participation in the digital economy.  

Discussing Digital Technology

We will promote community dialogue about digital and economic disruption (e.g. privacy, security, automation, the future of work) to proactively address emerging risks and opportunities. 

City Studio Program

We will establish Logan's City Studio Innovation Hub where students and community members co-create experimental projects that will contribute to making Logan a more sustainable, liveable, and prosperous city. 

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Consultation has concluded

  • Admin Commented Cheryl L over 2 years ago
    There are a lot of similarities in this list to those outlined in priority 3. Maybe for example we could just have one 'smart working' goal, and it applies both internally and for the changes we can facilitate in our community? I'm concerned we are creating too many things to keep track of .... and so many of them are similar and/or overlap; may make transparent delivery of the strategy difficult.