Draft City Futures Strategy Principles

over 2 years ago
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Empowering community

Our future city will be created with our community, and for our community.

We will work to encourage and increase participation, harness the knowledge and creativity of our community, and design services that are people-centric.

The City of Logan will embrace inclusion, accessibility and diversity, working to increase opportunities for everyone.

Open to innovation

The City of Logan welcomes innovation. We will leverage change and ‘disruption’ to create new opportunities, employment and growth.

Our city will be a ‘living-lab’, where we pilot new ideas and new technologies, apply innovation, learn from trial and error and aim for improvement.

We will encourage local innovation and embrace the best innovations from around the globe, building a dynamic ecosystem that makes the City of Logan an innovation powerhouse.


The City of Logan is a city of confidence. We are proud of our history, and look forward to our future with excitement and optimism.

Our city will be confident in our strengths and our unique identity, and confident as we embark on new paths of opportunity and innovation.

We will promote our city as an ideal place for investment, entrepreneurship and innovation, and showcase our success with pride.

Collaboration and partnership

Our future city will be exceptional, founded on the best people, technologies, and ideas; identified, mixed and distilled through collaboration.

Partnership will be embedded in our city, a symbol of, and catalyst for, innovation.

We will work with local, national and international partners; bringing community, industry, academia, government and innovators together to create our future city.

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Consultation has concluded

  • Tony Chadwick over 2 years ago
    As a former Chair of Economic Development - Logan City Council - I urge and fully support Logan City Council to continue to take a proactive leadership stance in recognising that the City and the more broader community stands on the brink of a revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we - Live, Work Learn and relate to one another. In its scale, scope, and complexity, this technological transformation will be unlike anything the City or indeed the community has ever experienced before. Worse the pace of this change - robotics, artificial intelligence, jobs disruption and unequality is now accelerating which necessitates new thinking and a new collaborative approach from Councillors and through each council department. Fundementally the council machine - esp. the bureaucracy and those in governance and policy must evolve from being risk adverse to being more entrepreneurial and proactive in finding new ways to drive revenue in order to deliver new value added services for the benefit of all Logan stakeholders. My fear is new business opportunities and community partnerships cannot blossom unless there is a significant change in attitude in how Council approaches 'risk' in order to underpin and create these exciting new sustainable growth opportunities of the future.
  • Stuart O over 2 years ago
    Working alongside willing councils which are prepared to move forward with opportunities which benefit the. Community is aawesome