1. How can I get involved?

    The first thing you can do is answer the question: If it was up to you, what would the City of Logan be like in the future?

    You can do that:

    2. Is it going to be the same people as always who have a say?

    Everyone who wants to share their thoughts will have the chance to do so, and we’ll read or listen to every piece of feedback. All responses will be given the same weight and attention.

    3. What will Council do with my insights?

    We’ll collate and analyse every response to see what themes, sentiments and priorities emerge. We use what we’ve learned to undertake more targeted engagement, to drill down a little deeper to make sure we understand what we’re hearing.

    We’ll then create a panel that represents the many faces and voices in our community. This panel – with help from independent consultants and content experts – will articulate a vision that captures the shared hopes and aspirations for the City of Logan.

    4. How do I get on the panel?

    The panel will be selected to best represent the many faces and voices across our community, including those with insight into the themes or sentiments that emerge.

    5. What is a community vision?

    A community vision is simply a way of describing how we, collectively, want to see our city in the future. 

    • What are our priorities? 
    • What’s necessary to create to a vibrant, healthy community?

    6. Why do we need a community vision?

    Every five years, Council develops a corporate plan. That plan sets priorities for how Council will invest in infrastructure (roads, libraries, water, waste, parks etc.) and how we will deliver programs and services in the short, medium and long-term. 

    The community vision will influence what those priorities are.

    7. How will a community vision affect me?

    It will help shape the future of the city you call home. The shared vision we develop today will influence what it’s like to live in Logan in the future.

    8. What will the community vision do?

    It will help Council plan for the city’s future. It will ensure the values and hopes of our community are at the heart of our decision-making.


    9. How can you hope to find a shared vision when Logan is so diverse in cultures, ages, socio-demographic status and geographic locations?

    We can do this by listening and recognising the hopes and challenges that are common across our community. The first step of the process is about gaining a wealth of data from all sections of community and analysing that for themes and common sentiments. Community visions have been developed for cities around the world for many years, and Council will use best practice methods to develop ours.

    10. Won’t the Mayor and Councillors just decide what the vision will be?

    The new Mayor and Councillors are fully committed to listening to our community and ensuring your voice influences the decisions they make. The vision will be developed through a three-stage process guided by independent consultants. Our elected members have pledged to respect the vision delivered by the community panel.

    11. What’s the timeline for developing the community vision?

    We expect to have a community vision by May 2021.

    • Broad engagement: Mid-September to mid-October 2020
    • Targeted engagement: Mid-November to February 2021
    • Panel: March to May 2021

    12. How do I stay informed?

    Visit: https://haveyoursaylogan.com.au/vision

    You can also register on the Have Your Say Logan website (it’s free) and receive regular updates.