Priority action 5: Future place – sustainable, livable, vibrant

over 2 years ago
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Our future city will be planned, designed and built to enhance livability, safety, social inclusion, vibrancy and sustainability. 

The City of Logan will be an exemplar of sustainable progress, applying technology and innovation to conserve our natural environment. 

We are committed to:

Future City Collaboration 

We will work with the Queensland Government and surrounding councils to shape regional plans that help deliver our future city. 

Smart City Development

We will work with industry to produce guidelines for integrating smart technology into new developments. 

Future Activity Centres

We will progress the endorsed implementation plans for key activity centres, to encourage city activation, safety and vibrancy.   

Digital Planning

We will leverage digital technology, such as 3D planning models, to improve planning processes, consultation and outcomes

Urban Renewal

We will position Invest Logan as a catalyst and showcase of urban renewal, and work with developers to drive renewal outcomes. 

City Activation

We will promote innovation that enhances tourism, city activation and local experience (for residents and visitors)

Sustainable City

We will deliver Council’s sustainability commitments, and work with industry and governments to promote sustainability outcomes for the City of Logan. 

Smart Resource Management

We will work with industry and the community to expand the use of smart technology (such as smart meters) to improve resource efficiency and affordability. 

Future Environmental Management

We will leverage new technology (e.g. sensors, networks, and data analytics) to enhance the monitoring and management of our environment.

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Consultation has concluded

  • CG over 2 years ago
    There is a very loose line on sustainability,and whilst environment and access to public open space is mentioned (briefly) at the beginning of the document - it kind of gets lost in the outcomes. Logan has two major waterways, and lots of creeks, it is also home to local and endangered species. They also are really the last places of connected green open space and a connection for people and nature. I think the term sustainability can get lost and mixed with "smart technology" but alot of people live in Logan because of the open spaces. These need to be preserved and enhanced - whereby these spaces should not only be protected and connected for land and water quality, but also to assist in providing connected green open space for healthy living (active and welbeing) as well as alternative sustainable transport options (bike , walking etc.). Im not sure if Technology is the answer to "future environmental managment"- protection is really the answer to environmental managment- for example- Trees - if seen as green infrustructure can reduce health issues such as skin cancer- by reducing exposure, as well as provide effective cooling in urban spaces. Connected spaces assist in providing faunal movement (koalas, fish etc.)
  • Murray over 2 years ago
    Overall, there seems to be a lot of focus on digitial technology and innovation, etc. As we know, this is what is in fashion now and the document and principlea seem to all have the right 'buzz words'. Creating a future city that is actually sustainable seems to have taken a back seat, just like it's somewhat out of fashion to speak about the challenges of climate change and climate adaption when creating a future city. I think the document needs to have creating a sustainable city up-front; isn't this really the key challenge of creating a future city?
  • Admin Commented Cheryl L over 2 years ago
    There are some great items in this list, and most of them include a statement about why we are doing them, which improves the way our community can relate to them. If this is to be a strategy for our community, as well as for our organisation, we need to foster and encourage 'ownership' of the outcomes and hope for the difference they'll make for our future, which is why I believe it's so important that we choose our words carefully. I remain concerned about the implementation challenges that will arise due to the duplication/overlap of concepts across multiple priority actions. Perhaps we could work on the wording to identify and articulate greater distinction of purpose (and/or perhaps scope) in each action for those concepts that are mentioned multiple times.