How did Council decide that a performing arts and cultural heritage space is the best use of the KBF building?

    ·  The proposal for the KBF building is based on previous community engagement around community needs and expectations for arts, cultural and entertainment facilities in Logan.

    ·  The proposed uses reflect feedback from the community in the context of Council's Community Infrastructure Strategy, Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategy, and Destination Management Plan.

    ·  The plans for the KBF building also complement other community infrastructure Council has planned for the City of Logan.

    What is a living museum?

    ·  A living museum provides a cultural tourism experience where visitors can see, hear, taste and engage with the stories of Logan’s intercultural communities, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

    ·  The Logan proposal offers features including:

    semi-permanent and changing displays to present the stories of the people of Logan

    engaging activities, events and learning opportunities to build understanding among community, e.g. public programming could include children’s activities, lectures, hands-on interactives, food experiences, dance, performance, music and fashion parades

    What about the tenants who used to be in the KBF building?

    ·  The Arts & Craft Co-op and the Logan Historical Society Museum have temporarily relocated from the Kingston Butter Factory to another Council-owned facility in Wilbur St, Logan Central. They have been in these temporary premises since January 2019.

    ·  Council is developing an integrated strategy for the facilities at the KBF Cultural Precinct, including the planned purpose-built Heritage Centre (which may require external funding).

    ·  The commercial dance school previously based at the Kingston Butter Factory has found new premises. While the proposed redeveloped KBF building will not have potential for commercial tenants, it is anticipated dance schools will again have access to hire the refurbished theatre for performances.

    When will the KBF Cultural Precinct be open?

    ·  Council aims to open the KBF Cultural Precinct in December 2020, in time for the festive season and Council's annual carols spectacular.

    ·  This timeframe ensures the reimagined KBF building, new permanent outdoor stage and new-look grounds can be launched at the same time.

    ·  It also means the precinct redevelopment can be delivered in the most economic and efficient way, while also allowing time for the community to have its say on key elements of the project. 

    What will it cost?

    Council is investing $15.5m to deliver all elements of the KBF Cultural Precinct. We are re-purposing the funding allocated to the precinct when it also included an innovation hub. 

    What is happening at the site now?

    ·  The long-planned general clean-up of the KBF building is currently under way to prepare the building for redevelopment once Council finalises plans. Exploratory activity identified a number of age-related issues that require specialist attention, and this has been included in this first phase of work.

    ·  Preliminary site works have also started to prepare the grounds for construction of the outdoor stage and a new signature entry from Jacaranda Avenue. These works will begin in 2020.