What is a community garden?

    A community garden is a space where like-minded residents of the community can come together and grow their own fruit and vegetables, as well as provide a welcoming space for all community members. There are a range of ways community members can be involved with the garden, from the build of the community garden to becoming a member of the garden group, or simply enjoying what is created, grown and held at the community garden. 

    Who will look after the community garden?

    The community garden will be run and managed by the Jimbelungare Community Garden Group under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981. The group have a range of roles such as a president, secretary, treasure, general committee members, multicultural coordinators and safety officers. They also have a community garden Facebook page you can join to find out more and how you can get involved. 


    Are there other community gardens in the City of Logan?

    Yes,  there are a number in the City of Logan.  The link below will tell you where.


    How does Council manage this process?

    Council is governed by the Community Garden Policy (PDF 128 KB)