What is the Way2Go plan?

    • Logan City Council has developed a draft Integrated Local Transport Plan – Way2Go Connecting Logan – to guide and shape Logan’s transport future.
    • Way2Go will set Logan’s transport priorities, help guide planning for the transport network and identify transport investment priorities.
    • Way2Go is a long-term (20 year) plan to set the right foundations for the future transport system.
    • It will allow for future planning of the city’s road, public transport and active travel infrastructure.
    • The plan also provides a clear position for Council to advocate for the transport issues that are important to Logan.
    • As a long-term strategic plan, it does not include specific funded projects, however it will help identify future funding priorities.

    Why does Logan need a transport plan?

    • Logan has diverse transport needs and service levels vary widely between established centres and new and emerging communities.   
    • With Logan’s population expected to increase by more than 265,000 people over the next 25 years, we need a transport system to support the needs of a growing local community and economy.
    • Logan City Council developed Way2Go to plan Logan’s transport system so that it can support the existing population and accommodate the area’s growing needs. 

    What is the main aim of the plan?

    • The Way2Go vision is to ensure Logan has an affordable, efficient and safe transport system which is easy to use and provides convenient connections now and in the future.

    Will Council work with other levels of government in planning for Logan’s future transport network?

    • While the Plan will guide Council's transport planning and future investment decisions, it will also provide an important platform to communicate with other levels of government to ensure Logan receives the transport services it needs.

    How will the plan impact on my local area?

    • Each key theme incorporates local actions which outline the specific upgrades, investigations and works proposed to work towards achieving Logan’s transport vision.
    • Council is seeking community feedback on these actions.
    • It is important to note that at this stage the plan does not include specifically funded projects, however it will help identify future funding priorities.

    Are the projects in the plan funded?

    • At this stage, no funding has been assigned to upgrades, investigations and works proposed against the six Way2Go themes and subsequent actions.
    • However, once the final plan has been released, the actions presented in the plan will be considered in future budgets. 

    How will the plan be implemented? Is there a timeframe?

    • Way2Go is a long-term guide (up to 2041) for future transport projects across Logan City.
    • Implementation is also attached to population thresholds.
    • Feedback will be sought as part of the consultation process to determine staging and prioritisation of future work packages and subsequent funding.

    What engagement has taken place to date to inform Way2Go?

    • In late-2017, Council consulted with the community in developing the plan, to ensure it identifies and addresses existing issues and future opportunities. 
    • Three workshops were held with a variety of stakeholders to discuss and identify existing and future opportunities for Logan’s integrated transport system.
    • The community were given an opportunity to have a say on what is important to them via an online survey form. 
    • Feedback found that all groups share a desire for transport that is affordable and efficient.

    How can I have a say on the plan?

    • Community, industry and stakeholders are now encouraged to view the draft Way2Go plan on the Logan City Council website and provide feedback on what matters most to you.
    • Visit https://www.logan.qld.gov.au/ to find out more about Way2Go, details on ‘Talk to a Planner’ information sessions and how you can provide your feedback.
    • Council will be holding information sessions on the plan at various locations around Logan between 11 September and 19 September. These sessions will provide an opportunity to ‘Talk to a Planner’ about any aspects of the plan and complete an online survey.
    • Reminder sessions will be held in October between Tuesday, 9 October and Saturday, 13 October.
    See the key dates for all sessions. 

    When will consultation open and close for the draft plan?

    • The consultation period will run from 10 September to 14 October (a period of five weeks).

    What does the Way2Go plan cover?

    The draft Way2Go identifies a suite of goals and objectives grouped into the following six themes:

    1.Building a Framework for Growth 
    Providing a framework that ensures future land use and transport is coordinated, integrated and appropriate for the Logan community will help ensure the long-term economic, environmental and social sustainability of Logan.

    2.Active Transport 
    With above average rates of private vehicle ownership and usage in Logan, there is potential for active transport, particularly walking and cycling, to play a much greater role in the future. This will help improve access and travel choice, achieve more balance between different transport modes, and improve the health and wellbeing of our community and natural environment.

    3.Passenger Transport 
    By improving the attractiveness, affordability, integration and safety of passenger transport services, we can begin to provide real alternatives to private vehicle use allowing better use of existing infrastructure while reducing transport emissions.

    4.Road and Freight Transport 
    The road network is an important element of our transport system as it carries people and goods to, from and within the city. Better managing the network will help improve the safety and efficiency of these movements while limiting the impacts on surrounding areas.

    5.Technology and Innovation 
    There is a very real possibility that the greatest disruptor to our future transport system may not even currently exist. Therefore, the planning and delivery of transport should be flexible to accommodate emerging technologies and new solutions that increase the efficiency of our existing transport infrastructure.

    6.Managing Growth
    Scheduled delivery of new or upgraded transport infrastructure and services will support growth and promote sustainable travel patterns. A toolkit of travel demand management initiatives for Logan, including increased community awareness of different travel choices, will help manage congestion.