What is a Master Plan?

    A Master Plan is a long term vision that establishes a framework and key elements of how a park can be developed.

    The following principles guide the development of a Master Plan:

    • A 10-20 year vision to develop the site, subject to ongoing needs analysis and available funding;
    • Current trends;
    • Relevant information, site constraints and consultation with stakeholders; and
    • A high level implementation plan with identified priorities for development and budget estimates.

    Master Plans are regularly reviewed to ensure they remain relevant with current trends to meet the needs of the community.

    What are the steps in developing a Master Plan?

    Noting the principles that guide the development of a Master Plan, the appointed Consultant has undertaken six (6) key project Objectives as seen below to develop the plan:

    1. Project Appreciation;
    2. Site Analysis;
    3. Concept Planning;
    4. Confirmation of Planning;
    5. Community Engagement and Consultation; and
    6. Final Endorsement.

    As part of Objective two (2), engagement occurred with key stakeholders.

    Currently the Waterford West District Sports Park Draft Master Plan is in Objective five (5) Community Consultation. 

    Why did Council decide to do a Master Plan for the Waterford West District Sports Park?

    Council as part of its Active Logan Strategy 2016 – 2028 has a priority to offer an increased diversity of open spaces and facilities for people to be active.  A key action is the planning for active spaces to meet emerging needs.  Council identified 5 sites to undertake Master Plans for:

    1. Lowe Oval, Underwood;
    2. Cronulla Park, Slacks Creek;
    3. Rosia Road Site, Park Ridge;
    4. Waterford West District Sports Park, Waterford; and
    5. Dauth Park, Beenleigh.
    These Master Plan opportunities were funded as part of the 2016/2017 budget process. All sports Master Plans including those listed above are available for your review. 

    How will the delivery of the Master Plan be funded?

    A Master Plan is a long-term vision of how a site may be developed, subject to needs analysis and funding. Council will look at a variety of funding sources for development of the site, including other government agencies. Organisations or clubs that operate from the site may also seek funding from various sources to develop aspects of the Master Plan. As the Master Plan has been guided by community input, all development will be in line with the Master Plan’s vision.